Why did I receive two bills?

With every imaging exam there are two billing components, technical and professional. You will receive a bill from the facility you were seen at for the technical portion of your exam and a bill from Olympic Medical Imaging Consultants (OMIC) for the professional radiologist interpretation.

What is the difference between technical and professional?

The technical component is for all non-physician work and includes administrative, personnel and supply costs. The professional component is for the physician work interpreting a diagnostic test or performing a procedure and includes indirect expenses related to that work.

What facilities do you read for?

We complete professional services for:

  • St. Michael Medical Center (formally Harrison Medical Center)
  • St. Michael Imaging Centers (formally Harrison Imaging Centers)
  • The Doctor's Clinic
  • Westsound Orthopedic

How do I make an appointment?

Please contact St. Michael Imaging Centers at (360) 337-6500 to schedule an exam.